step into the world of Renault Twizy

Its strengths

Twizy offers thrills for two, but with four wheels and two seats arranged in a tandem formation. Comfortable, modern and safe, it is the urban vehicle par excellence.
comfort Simplify the city
Forget the usual questions that might put you off going out. Where will I park? Anywhere! Compact, Twizy parks in the smallest of spaces. What will I wear? Whatever you want, your Twizy provides you with shelter. Who will I go with? Choose wisely - its two seats are nice and cosy.
Renault Twizy with front doors open
Scissor gull-wing doors
A new way to share the road. Open yourself up to the city and to others. Park Twizy with ease, thanks to its scissor gull-wing doors*.
Renault Twizy interior space
Adjustable front seat
Practical and comfortable, the Twizy front seat is adjustable. 
Renault Twizy on-board storage
On-board storage
Keep your things close to hand with the 2 glove boxes built into the dashboard. The one on the left has a 12 V socket inside, which is practical for charging your smartphone. At the rear a cleverly placed net gives you an additional storage area.


Experience innovation

Looking for something different? What luck! Twizy is bursting with technology. On-board computer, energy recovery, fuel saver, etc. Discover everything it has to offer.
Renault Twizy interior design view with side doors opened
Energy recovery system
The automatic gearbox on your Twizy is connected to an energy recovery system. When you brake or lift your foot off the accelerator, you increase your driving range.
Renault Twizy digital speedometer
Fuel saver
The fuel saver helps you to control your energy consumption and indicates your remaining range. Calculate your Eco-score and improve your eco-driving performance.
Renault Twizy rear park assist feature diagram
Rear park assist
Twizy always goes further. With the rear park assist, parking is as easy as can be! When you put the car in reverse 2 sensors detect obstacles over a meter away.
Renault Twizy interior design
Bluetooth audio system
Stay connected! With the Bluetooth hands-free kit, answering your calls, browsing your telephone contacts or listening to your music is easy!


Drive safely

Smile, you're protected! Twizy features provide real active safety. In terms of passive safety, there's never been anything like it on such an easy-to-handle vehicle. Drive fun and free-spirited!
Renault Twizy airbag picture
Airbag & structure
Twizy protects you. Its innovative tubular structure developed by Renault Sport protects you from impacts. In the front, its frontal airbag protects you in the event of a collision.
Renault Twizy seat belts position picture
Seat belts
No risk of being thrown from the vehicle. Your Twizy is equipped with a four-point seatbelt which provides identical protection on each side.
Renault Twizy brakes picture
We have fitted your Twizy with 4 disk brakes as standard to ensure optimum braking performance.
Renault Twizy daigram
Audible warning
No more aggressive horn honking! In the event of danger, you can sound a gentle warning that is easy to hear without being too loud. Everything is more zen in Twizy.
Ready to get behind the wheel of Twizy?