driving range of up to 395km WLTP
New ZOE design
A Bold Design
The car that makes your daily life electric
A modern and dynamic design, bold curves and premium detailing... Zoe asserts its personality and enhances your daily life. Fly the electric flag with pride!
New Zoe  C-shape
100% LED lighting
Its iconic Renault C-shape lighting signature gives Zoe an expressive look. Enjoy optimum visibility with its 100% LED front and rear lights.
New Zoe aluminium wheels17''
16" aluminium wheel rims...
...with a diamond effect for even more dynamic style.
New Zoe dashboard
10" driver's screen
View all your primary driving information and your navigation system displayed on the 10" driver's screen of your Zoe.
New Zoe interior
Recycled materials
Zoe now features recycled fabric upholstery. The central panel on the dashboard also features the same covering to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

New Zoe

Electrifying thrills

Always easier to use and on the cutting edge of electric performance, every detail has been designed by our experts to ensure your Zoe embodies Renault innovation and modernity
New Zoe - B Mode
B Mode
To make driving easier in the city or in slow-moving traffic, B Mode increases your vehicle's deceleration, allowing for less brake pedal use and a more relaxing drive.
Ready to get behind the wheel of New Zoe?